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Meet Our Staff

Paul A. Heidaker


Broker and R/W-RAC, with 30 years of right of way experience. Specializing in Project Management, Acquisition and Relocation. Paul started his career with TxDOT Houston before becoming a consultant.

John P. Schneider

Acquisition Agent

Broker and R/W-NAC with 10 years of right of way experience acquiring right of way for the Texas Department of Transportation as a Consultant.

Rachel Riddle

Eminent Domain Specialist

Specializing in Eminent Domain, Project Management, and Acquisition. Rachel started as a consultant with HLS, and in 2023 became a valuable part of the team coordinating eminent domain hearings and the condemnation process.

CJ Atkinson

Acquisition Agent

Real Estate Licensed right of way agent with over 20 years of experience working on TxDOT Projects all over the State of Texas

Cole A. Heidaker

Relocation Agent

Real Estate License and R/W-RAC-  Senior Relocation  on TxDOT projects in numerous districts  under the Uniform Relocation Act

Marisol Sanchez-Armitage

Sr. Project Coordinator

Specializing in Project Coordination, Reporting, and Project Status working for Public Utilities and TxDOT.

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