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Project Services

The services we provided are based on the traditional, true and tried methods of the Right-of-Way business. Our services have been used in buying right of way and relocating personal property as a result of the acquisition process, and are in strict conformity with all Local and State Regulations.
Title Work is the starting point of all Projects. Knowing the title owner and the encumbrances that may or may not affect title is a key component of starting a project off right.
During the Appraisal process we will manage and contract with certified appraisers, who will prepare the reports within the State and Federal guidelines.
Project Management
Acquisition/Negotiation is the cornerstone of any successful project. We utilize all the necessary tools and knowledge to make sure the property owner understands the acquisition process and our agents adhere to all the Local, State and Federal Rules associated with purchasing property. Our Negotiators are licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission and are constantly striving for knowledge that will benefit the client in achieving a successful project.
Relocation of the personal property associated with the acquisition of property has always been an after thought in the Right of Way Business. We believe in order to have a successful project this part of the process must be closely monitored and moved to the front of the process. We strive to adhere to the strict rules governing Relocation and adhere to the Uniform Relocation Assistance And Real Property Acquisition Policies for Federal and Federally Assisted Programs.
Eminent Domain, if this stage of the Right of Way process becomes needed, our agents can assist in the coordination of the hearings as well as the filings and services associated with the hearing.
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